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Vega DB

VegaDB stands as a forefront solution in the realm of data warehousing. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, it offers a multi-cloud environment, ensuring seamless access to data across various cloud platforms. Its exceptional performance capabilities enable lightning-fast data analytics, facilitating swift and informed decision-making. VegaDB empowers businesses with the tools they need to extract meaningful insights from their data, driving innovation and growth.

Vega Flow

Seamlessly developed to integrate with VegaDB’s cloud-native architecture, Vega Flow is a powerful and versatile data processing framework. With Vega Flow, businesses gain unparalleled agility in data processing, ensuring lightning-fast performance and unparalleled scalability. This robust combination of VegaDB and Vega Flow empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions with ease, offering a unified and cost-effective solution for harnessing the true potential of their data.

Vega Catalog

An exciting addition to the VegaDB ecosystem, designed to revolutionize data discovery and metadata management!
Vega Catalog steps in as the perfect companion to Vega DB. With Vega Catalog, businesses gain a powerful and centralized platform to efficiently organize, document, and govern their data assets. Seamlessly working together with VegaDB, this integration ensures a seamless flow of metadata, enhancing data lineage, data quality, and fostering a collaborative data-driven culture.

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Multi Cloud

Lightning Fast Performance

Best Price to Performance Ratio

Scalability and Resilience

Data Security

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$0.4 per credit

Serverless Data warehouse, Multi-Region, Multi-Cloud

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Time Travel - 10 Days

Support SLA - 24-48 Hours


$1 per credit

Federated Authentication

Streaming Materialized Views

Time Travel - 150 Days

Support SLA - 8 Hours


$2 per credit

Compliance Support

Private Link Support

Time Travel - Customizable

Support SLA - 2 Hours

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Reach Out to Explore Our Data Warehouse Solutions

Bridging Insights, Empowering Decisions

Reach Out to Explore Our Data Warehouse Solutions